Sunday reflection 11 October 2020

Dear friends

Welcome to another Sunday service. Many thanks to those who worshipped last week in the morning in Naseby and in our Zoom Communion at 2.30pm. I appreciate all the effort you make to worship in so many different ways.

As I indicated last Sunday, I have started a ‘prayer picture‘ sent out on a Saturday with a line from Scripture. The idea is to look around at what we see and think of a Biblical line that connects with that picture. In our world we should see the spiritual – so there is a challenge for you! Unfortunately only those with a certain type of phone will be able to receive the picture.

Soon we will be able to welcome our Junior Church back – but only to the halls. Various restrictions will apply: a maximum of 30 (children and staff) following the guidelines from our Risk Team. The Junior Church will not be allowed in the Sanctuary because that will affect the number 50 – the maximum for worship. The Risk Team will also work out a dropping off and picking up point for parents and grandparents – more information will follow later.

WD40, our Wednesday Worship, should return on Wednesday 21 October in the Kingsborough Gardens Sanctuary. Again, various restrictions will apply.
I will be on ‘holiday‘ this week but will be conducting next Sunday’s service. Any urgent pastoral problems should be directed to our Session Clerk, Gor-don, or the Revd Bruce Sinclair of Jordanhill Parish Church. Bruce can be contacted on 959-1310.

In our prayers we not only remember the McLintock family, Fiona and David in particular – John died on the 3rd of October but also Nan Blackstone from Clarence Court who died on the 5th.

Every Blessing,

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