Sunday reflection 18 October 2020

Dear friends

Welcome to another Sunday service in the Sanctuary, by Zoom or by sitting reading the Reflections by the fireside – and boy, do we need the fireside as the temperature begins to drop!

Can I draw your attention away from the fireside, further away to other parts of the world. Many parts of the world not only have continual endemic problems whether of war, violence, poverty, persecution, displacement etc, but are also increasingly affected by Covid. You will all remember that our Christian Aid Plant Sale did not take place, nor did other Christian Aid events. With this in mind the Western District of Christian Aid are proposing that November be the Month of Appeal – not just for prayers which they appreciate but also donations.

We all are aware of the situation here with Covid but Christian Aid are asking you to be doubly aware of the difficulties in other parts of the world. Don Swanson will keep you updated but remember that many meaningful charity events have not taken place and we have a responsibility for all of God’s Creation. Keep this in mind and your eye on how we can support Christian Aid both near at hand and in distant lands.

Back to local issues – and a good number of face visors have been donated, thanks to Robin and Carol MacDougall, for the personal and exclusive use of the congregation. Whilst wearing your own face coverings is our own clear preference, we know there are some who are having difficulties either practically or medically being able to wear a mask. As we want as many members to feel comfortable returning to Church on a Sunday morning we will make these available in the vestibule, beside the hand sanitisers, for your exclusive use, from this Sunday 18th October. If you take one please take it home for your use in the future, we hope not to find any left behind in the Sanctuary.

Last week John McLintock’s funeral took place and we remember his family at this time. Likewise Nan Blackstone’s funeral takes place on Monday at Maryhill Crematorium at 3.45 – the usual restrictions in place.

I am pleased to say the fortnightly WD40 service returns this Wednesday (21 October) at 2pm. The rules that apply to our Naseby service are applicable here.

Thinking of you all,

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