Heart for Art

CrossReach runs creative arts groups for people with dementia all across Scotland. These sessions are called Heart for Art.

Heart for Art meets on a fortnightly basis on Thursdays at 2.00pm in the halls at our Naseby Park Sanctuary.

CrossReach set up Heart for Art in 2012, and it’s been bringing joy to people affected by dementia ever since.

We know from research and our own experience that creativity stimulates conversation, aids concentration and even improves memory retention.

With pencil or paintbrush in hand, we see people with dementia expressing themselves freely and finding new ways to communicate.

In the company of art tutors and others with dementia, our artists find friendship, purpose and acceptance. As their confidence grows, so do their smiles.

Support for families and carers
Heart for Art provides an activity you can do alongside someone with dementia. At the same time it gives you a chance to take a break or speak to others in a similar situation. You can also get advice from a CrossReach Dementia Ambassador – there’s one on hand at every Heart for Art session.

Breaking down barriers
We try to exhibit our artwork as much as we can, proving the value and beauty of what people with dementia can do. This helps to break down barriers of stigma and discrimination.

Anybody with dementia is welcome along to our Heart for Art sessions. It doesn’t matter if you’ve painted all your life or you’re completely new to it. Come along and experience the creativity, companionship and self-confidence that Heart for Art provides.