Broomhill Hyndland Parish Church was formed in 2017 following a process of linkage and then union between congregations in Broomhill and Hyndland in Glasgow’s west end.

Our Kirk is part of the Church of Scotland and is governed under a Unitary Constitution system whereby the single body of the Kirk Session and its constituent committees oversee both civil and ecclesiastical issues. These include everything from property to pastoral care and from finance to vision for the future.

The membership of the Kirk Session is made up of Elders who have a commitment to undertake, along with the Minister, responsibility for the life of the congregation in all its aspects, including worship, mission and service to the wider community. This involves pastoral care, practical tasks, e.g organisation visits, door duty, taking part in worship, leading in worship, administration, outreach and education. Elders are expected to attend and support congregational activity, encourage youth and other church organisations, tend the needs of the parish and take responsibility for a congregational district, attend worship regularly, give of their time and money, attend Kirk Session meetings and work in partnership with other elders and the minister.

The Session is also responsible for the appointment of church officer, organist, choirmaster and any other officials. There are currently 63 Elders and the session meets at least six times per annum.

In addition to the Kirk Session, there are a number of committees that carry out important functions within the church and report directly to Kirk Session. These committees and teams include: Finance Committee, Property & Buildings Committee, Fabric Committee, Worship & Mission Committee, Communications & Engagement Committee.

Key contacts are as follows:

Minister: Rev George Mackay

Session Clerk: Barbara McTavish

Finance Convenor: Norma Paterson

Co-Treasurers: John R Thomson & Crawford Gray

Presbytery Elder: Judith Johnston

Safeguarding Officer: Barbara McTavish

Communications & Engagement Convenor: Gary McQueen

Broomhill Hyndland Parish Church of Scotland, Glasgow is a Registered Charity SC007820. Annual accounts are produced each year which are audited and also subject to approval by the Kirk Session. These accounts are submitted to both OSCR and the Church of Scotland.