Sunday reflection 4 October 2020

Dear friends 

Welcome to another Sunday service and more obvious Autumnal times. 

This Sunday our Zoom Service, as you will see, takes place at 2.30pm when we will share the Sacrament of Communion together because the Holy Spirit makes it so. 

For those of you who will attend the 10.30am service at Naseby, thank you for phoning and attending. I appreciate all your efforts as we try to meet in so many different ways. Can I encourage you, if you are one of the fifty, to come to Naseby that little bit earlier. It is important during these re-strictions that the Risk Team and the Duty Team have the time to guide you to the appropriate seating and that, to put it bluntly, you are not all piling in at the last minute!! 

Can I thank Julie for doing sterling work last Sunday, both in the morning and the evening. Julie is great to work with but at the moment it is one or the other – you can’t get both!! I had a couple of days off and I thank you for all the texts asking if I managed to relax. I will be off from work on the school holiday week but it is my intention to still conduct the Sunday service – that’s the plan but some work for the Presbytery has also taken up time, so you never know. 

Soon the WD40 service will return fortnightly at Kingsborough, so we are making progress. 

Can I also send congratulations to the Murray clan. I had the pleasure of conducting Alyson and Jason’s wedding and now they have a baby boy, as Ian described, ‘just out of the wrapper.’ Murray William Carroll is doing well. 

Every blessing,


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