Sunday reflection 12 September 2021

Dear friends

Welcome to another time of worship. 

Today is our Harvest Service. It can be difficult, in a city like Glasgow, celebrating the work of the land and the sea and appreciating God’s creation. Singing ‘we plough the fields and scatter’ in the West End doesn’t always have that ring to it but remember, years ago, where we live and worship would have looked quite different. 

Besides, in this seemingly smaller world where we are more connected (at least technologically), we have to give thanks when we do work together. I have used in the past a tin of soup in my talks with the children, to emphasise the number of people and communities we have to thank for that tin of soup being opened and warmed for our sustenance: growers, pickers, delivery companies, shop staff to name but a few. So today, though we might not have sheep outside and the aroma of the countryside inside, we have much to think about in our world: from climate change, wars and famine to the division between the haves and the have-nots. 

In our prayers today, besides globally remembering our responsibility of looking after the world as stewards, we should remember: 

Wed 15th September, 10.30am at Clydebank the funeral of Robert Limond 

Mon 20th September, 1.15pm, Naseby, the funeral of Mary Mitchell 

Wed 22nd September, 2.30pm, Clydebank, the funeral of Shirley Gilmour. 

The other dates in your diary should be noted- WD40, 2pm in Kingsborough on Wednesday 15th and later that evening, our Kirk Session meeting, at 7.30pm. 

Every blessing,

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