News & Events: Broomhill Hyndland Parish Church

  • Dear Friends  Thank you for your continual support of one another. Jill tells me that our email list grows larger and larger. The more people we share with, contact, ask after, as well as send our Reflections to, the better.  Similarly, the daily prayers take longer to send: not just Read More
  • The Gable End Welcome to our Holy Week journey 2020.On a gable end, found in the High Street of Glasgow, is the mural on our front page.I discovered this by chance on my way back from the Royal In-firmary, heading to the railway that would take me back to Hyndland.Look Read More
  • Dear Friends Another week has passed, and it is hard not to be together physically for worship. However we try our best faithfully to keep in touch. The list of those who have been included in the daily text prayer grows every day. I gain great strength from that. It Read More
  • Dear Friends,  Many thanks for all the support given. For those more technologically astute than I, our little Sunday Reflections are being placed on the website and also Facebook.  It has been rewarding to receive some texts and emails of encouragement and I am grateful for that. Gordon, our Session Read More
  • Welcome to this first issue of our Church news sheet (download link below.) During these unprecedented and trying times, we have made the difficult decision to temporarily abandon our Church magazine in it’s normal format. As social distancing becomes more widespread, it has become necessary to produce an information sheet Read More
  • Dear Friends, In the absence of in-person Sunday church services, this will be the major way, at the moment, of keeping touch for regular weekly worship. I’ll try and follow the same lectionary readings so that we can worship as ‘normally’ as possible. Sunday reflection 22 March 2020 – click Read More
  • There is nothing like a trip to the hospital to remind you of your vulnerability. You move from someone confident and assured to a feeling of weakness and helplessness. As someone used to walking in and out of hospitals and offering care, it was quite an eye-opener to be on Read More
  • There I was, in Cessnock Parish Church, the church where I was baptised. I was singing. ‘Dropping, dropping, dropping, dropping, listen to them fall, every one for Jesus, he shall have them all. ’ As a child, I wondered what did Jesus do with all the money we gave him Read More