Sunday reflection 6 June 2021

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Sunday service and time of worship.

In our Naseby Park Sanctuary this morning we are celebrating the Sacrament of Communion. For those using the Reflections, that opportunity is there for you too, in the comfort of your homes. So take a moment to pre-pare some bread and wine and, though apart, we are together in the one body of Jesus Christ.

At the end of our service this Sunday I will be dedicating the tree outside the Marlborough Sanctuary, placed there as a focal point to those in our parish who have lost a family member or friend. We have already, in the past, scattered ashes there and paused, knowing that the root of Jesse links us with earth and with heaven.

Last Sunday was our last Zoom in the evening. As predicted, there were a couple of blips but over all the Zoom services I cannot thank you enough for the support. Some have been at both services, in the morning and the even-ing and even read the Reflections in between! Likewise, I was touched by the members of the congregation who supported Kenneth and Christine last Wednesday, not just by attendance at the Crematorium but by streaming and also standing in Poplar Avenue.

All these seemingly small actions matter more than you will ever realise.

I wish you every blessing on this June Sunday,

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