Sunday reflection 1 August 2021

Dear Friends,

Welcome to another time of worship, now in the month of August.

Last Sunday was a strange experience, being able to sing in the Kirk after such a long time. I know with masks it is not quite the same but boy was it great to hear our congregation joining in to the music from the organ.

As has been previously intimated, the Risk Team have re-calculated the space in both our buildings, now that we are down to a one metre distance. More space – more people, but remember to book!

This Sunday there will be no tea at the close of worship as in the afternoon Karen and James will be married. Now in my eighth year amongst you, this will be my first wedding actually in the Naseby Park Sanctuary – how times have changed. Whilst we don’t make proclamations of banns anymore, it was nice to intimate this excitement in the lives of Karen and James, their families and we, the Church family. We wish them God’s blessing in the new paths they will travel together.

This Wednesday WD40 returns in the Kingsborough Gardens Sanctuary. As always, you are welcome to our 2pm service. You will receive a cuppa there and some lovely midweek fellowship and next Sunday when we return to Naseby, the fellowship at the close of worship will take place in the small hall as well as the Sanctuary.
Slowly but surely, more steps in the right direction.

My thanks as always to all who keep our church functioning over these summer months.

Every blessing,

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