Sunday reflection 9 August 2020

Dear friends, 

Welcome to another service. 

Over this past while technology has been the key for many of us, whether by computer, emails or Zoom; or mobile phones, FaceTime and texts. 

I wonder if you have ever sent the wrong message to someone. I wonder if you have pressed a button and sent, then regretted your lack of concentration. 

You may be aware of the woman who received the text ‘I’m here for you.’ 

Delighted by the text and that someone cared, she sent a text message back not only thanking the person for the interest shown but also, in the text message, opened up to how hard a week she had had. Then, not recognising the number, she ended the text by asking who it was. 

The reply, ‘This is your Uber taxi driver, waiting outside for you.’ 


There may be a little thought worth pondering over. ‘I’m here for you’ – has someone said that to you but the words meant very little? What about the Church? 

Do we use that phrase, promise so much, but don’t deliver? 

We’ve tried our best during these difficult months in many different ways – ‘We are here for you.’ Thank you to all who have done their bit – I am rightly proud of the effort put in. As you reflect this day remem-ber most of all that Christ is here for you. 


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Rev Mackay’s weekly reflection is also accompanied by a piece from our musical director, Razvan Luculescu. This week, Razvan has chosen Melita.