Sunday reflection 8 November 2020

Dear friends

Welcome to another Sunday service.

Today is Remembrance Sunday and our thoughts and prayers are given primarily to those who have served and given so much and those who, even to this day, experience the after effects of war.

Our Remembrance Service will be different. Unlike previous years with a good attendance of our youth organisations, the raising and lowering of the Colours, the bugle playing by Stewart Gray and the March Past, our service today, whilst still trying to capture the essence of the service, will miss all these contributing factors which add to and make Broomhill Hyndland’s service such an effective one.

I would like to say thanks to all of you, however you mark such an important occasion, for your efforts to say thank you to those who have strived for peace in our world.

It was a delight to see and hear the noise in the Naseby Halls last Sunday because our Junior Church was back. Many thanks to all those who not only made it possible but also to the staff and children who met up again with such great enthusiasm.

On Friday Sheila Tullett’s funeral took place. Please remember all who knew her in your prayers today.

The pandemic continues but, as Gordon said after last Sunday’s Zoom, we are all working hard; keeping our church not just functioning; not just open but making a difference. To you all, well done. Keep it up, remember (especially this day) and remember who you are doing it for.


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