Sunday reflection 4 July 2021

Dear Friends,

Welcome to another Sunday worship and – the month of July. 

Many thanks to the support shown last Sunday to Daniel when he was baptised, and also to the work behind the scenes for Robert Hynd, who as Moderator of the Presbytery, led the Candidates’ Graduation Ceremony last Wednesday. 

As I mentioned last Sunday, people send me messages on my phone bringing a little laughter and cheer. The most recent message suggested that if the ‘minister and the organist’ played football up and down the aisle, like at a football match, we could pack more members in and sing as loud as we want!’ There’s a thought! 

As the Manse family try to relax for a couple of weeks (singing ‘We’re on the road to Nowhere’!) can I wish you every blessing. A little reminder that the Lodging House Mission are still looking for volunteers to help. Contact Alistair Beattie if you would like more information. 


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