Sunday reflection 31 January 2021

Dear friends, 

Welcome to another Sunday and time of worship in our homes and in our hearts. 

Over the past few weeks we have tried to develop our Zoom services and put the words of the hymns on the screen (with a nice backdrop) so that, safely in the comfort of your own homes, you can sing. I have missed many things and knowing that we are a good singing congregation and have Razvan and a choir, we all look forward to the chance to raise the roof in the fu-ture. 

You should also say The Lord’s Prayer out loud because Amanda has muted you!! However some of my colleagues have suggested un-muting at the Lord’s Prayer so that it becomes a holy noise of prayer to God! 

In our prayers with great sadness we remember that the number of deaths in the UK has now passed 100,000. The week of Prayer for Christian Unity has ended and Holocaust Day has been marked on the 27th of January. There are many things and situations to pray about personally: prayers of anguish and also of thankfulness. There will be an official day with the lighting of a candle to mark what has been an horrendously difficult 12 months. 

Can I, as always, thank all of you who work so hard at spreading the Good News in these troubled times. Over the past few services we have had had the pleasure of friends from Merrylea. It would be super to see them again for this service. 

Take care: know that you are loved, 


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