Sunday reflection 29 August 2021

Dear friends

Welcome to another time of worship.

I will look back one day and remember fondly the applause that was given to Junior Church as they stepped into the Sanctuary last Sunday. Wasn’t it great to see them in the front rows once more! The children are choosing a hymn to be sung each Sunday based on their tastes and as an experiment to help them realise the importance of the Lord’s Prayer, I’ve separated the Lord’s Prayer from what we know as the Prayer of Approach, to encourage the youngsters’ contributions.

The Church was fuller again: thank you, even with some restrictions we are worshipping more and more numerically than what we had been used to. As Razvan said to me recently, Broomhill Hyndland are a good singing congrega-tion! Yes, even with a mask on we can still make a noise.

World-wise, the Afghan situation is deepening, so please keep the country in your prayers. Similarly in your prayers, please remember the family of Alexa Walker, whose funeral took place on Friday past, and Robert Limond’s, the date in which has still to be finalised.

This coming Wednesday, WD40 have their 2pm service and on Friday 3rd September, the BB returns. Now that we are almost in September, our proposed Harvest Sunday will probably be Sunday 12th. Approaching also will be our Kirk Session meeting in September.

I wish you every blessing,

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