Sunday reflection 28 March 2021

Dear friends,

Welcome to another Sunday and time of worship.

This Sunday some of our congregation will be back in the Naseby Park Sanctuary through a change in the restrictions. Unfortunately, at the moment, this does not apply to Junior Church in the halls, so we await the change to bring our young folk back into the buildings.

As you know, today is Palm Sunday which starts our journey through Holy Week to the joy of Easter Day. Each night of Holy Week we will be having a reflection at 7pm. Please join us as we make the nightly steps via Zoom and/or the Holy Week Booklet.

On Easter Day in Naseby we will be streaming the service which will allow you, if you are not part of the 50, to join us ‘live’ and will allow you also, in the comfort of your own home, to sing heartily the great Easter hymns! You can then watch the service again and again.

By the time you read this, if you have waited until Sunday, Junior Church will have completed their 21-21 challenge – to the children, the staff and all those who have supported and joined in, many thanks. I am quite sure if you still wanted to contribute, the children would be delighted – and why don’t you keep up the exercise regime, it can only do you good!

We all received communication from Paula Pinda, the Heart for Art manager, letting us know that the ‘team’ are taking part in the ‘Virtual Kilt Walk ‘. If you want to support the Heart for Art team, do so by donating to: or you can take on any Kiltwalk Inspired challenge you wish (go for a walk of any length, a run, cycle, jump on a trampoline…you decide on your challenge!) by registering for the VirtualKiltwalk. Fundraising £50 will ensure 2 people with dementia have all the art materials needed to engage with their programmes.

More exercise! And even more, now in Holy Week!

As always, my blessing to those who bless others in so many ways,


(After George had written the above, we received an update from Junior Church. “We have now raised £1192.50, which is amazing. We set ourselves a target of £350, so we are really grateful for the support from the Church family.”)

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