Sunday reflection 28 February 2021

Dear friends,

Welcome to another Sunday service, on the Second Sunday in Lent.

In Florence’s Uffizi Gallery on the way to David, Michelangelo’s master-piece, you pass among unfinished sculpture works by the same artist. They are called Prigionieri, the prisoners, the captives. Intended to adorn the tomb of Pope Julius II these sculptures were put on hold so Michelangelo could work on painting the Sistine Chapel. They were never finished. So the figures are not completely formed. It is as if they have not fully emerged from the stone around them. Michelangelo spoke about how when he was making a sculpture he could see the figure as it would be when it was com-plete – his job was to set the figure free.

A similar gift was given to Peter, James and John on the mountain, through the transfiguration of Christ in all his splendour. They witness humanity’s future in him.

Whilst in Lent we look inwardly, I always think of the Prigionieri because it reminds me, in my journey, that God is not finished with me yet. I am not the finished article: there is much learning still to be done in both my life and my faith, to be the person that God intends, would like, or encourages me to be.

The Prigionieri also reminds me of the words of that great hymn, ‘Make me a captive, Lord, and then I shall be free.’ Lent asks us what we are captive to, what takes our time and fills our days, for these things slow us down and distract us from the task in hand of following Jesus, taking up our cross and travelling to the hill outside Jerusalem.

Enjoy today’s service, journey on and walk with Nigel, Nickie and Ryan, as many of you have done, from Nigel’s Mum’s funeral last week.

Every blessing,

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