Sunday reflection 25 April 2021

Dear friends,

Welcome to another service in this Easter season!

What a beautiful week it has been with the sun shining and blue skies – if that wind would only disappear life would be that more pleasant! Writing about changes, you may be aware that after Monday 26th April, the cap of fifty people in our Sanctuary will change.

Assessing the new situation, we are increasing the number to 70 for the 2nd of May, following the same booking procedure which will allow our super risk team to alter signage and seating, monitoring the situation. The service on the 9th will be a service marking 75 years of Christian Aid which we hope to stream. If you wish to attend on the 2nd May please don’t hold back, we are building our congregation back up and hopefully it won’t be too long to have a fuller Sunday service.

This evening our Zoom service takes place at 7pm, likewise the following Sunday but if our streaming goes to plan, there will be no 7pm on the 9th. WD40 returns this Wednesday 26th at 2pm, again with the usual re-strictions but it will be good to see you there.

Applicable also is the change in numbers of those who attend both funerals and weddings, now up to 50, but like our own Sanctuaries, it still can be a little complicated because it is partly based on the size, structure, archi-tecture and capacity of the building.

To you all, I wish you a blessed Sunday,


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