Sunday reflection 24 January 2021

Dear friends,

Welcome to another service.

It’s hard to believe, but this is the 2nd last Sunday of January. Still we wait for the virus to lose its grip and the vaccines to be rolled out across the country. Things through the winter are still tough, so hang on in there: keep going: you have done so well. Not only is there a light at the end of the tunnel but a light within it that warms us and shows us the way.

As intimated last week, Joey MacDonald’s funeral took place in North Uist and Ella Queen from Broomhill Drive at Maryhill, both on the Thursday. Please keep the family of Alex Hutcheon in your prayers. His funeral will take place on the 8th February.

A reminder that the articles for our Newsletter, are due this Sunday: Car-ol and Jill will be delighted to see them. It’s not in the Newsletter but I wondered about the possibility of ‘Coffee and Chat‘ on Zoom? Wouldn’t it be nice to sit with our own coffee and see the well-kent faces? Just a thought: you can tell me what you think.

It was great to see Junior Church by Zoom last Sunday, using break-out rooms as well, as they thought about the Lord’s Prayer. However I was praying afterwards and couldn’t get the computer to connect with our Zoom service and had to take the service on my mobile.

Excuse my lack of Christianity but I cheered when, on Thursday night’s ‘The Chase’, a Celebrant was knocked out by the Governess. She had the audacity to say that people choose Celebrants to conduct a funeral rather than the Clergy because ‘they are more personal’!! You should have read some of the posts on that I receive on Facebook afterwards from ministers!!

It made me think though.

Not personal? Are we not living and celebrating the Good News in our lives?

Take care.

Every personal blessing.

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