Sunday reflection 23 May 2021

Dear Friends,

Welcome to another service. Today is Pentecost Sunday, sometimes recognised as the birth of the Church. As you will remember, last year we were planning our big Pentecost in the Park Event—‘2020 Vision’ and to celebrate this momentous occasion in the Church but it was not to be. Here we are, a year later, and Pentecost has come round again and boy, how things have changed.

We continue to make steps in the right direction. Last Sunday was the first Sunday for a long time that we had fellowship with a cup of tea! Served in the Sanctuary, silver-service style, the congregation remained seated and the time of fellowship that we all enjoyed so much in the large hall was re-enacted in a small but significant way.

As intimated over the past few Sundays, and to be found in the forthcoming Newsletter, the Kirk Session approved the celebration of the Lord’s Supper on the first Sunday in June. BYOB normally means something different when invited out but in this occasion means Bring Your Own Bread. Whilst not the way we would want to break bread and remember, it brings us closer under the current restrictions.

This Wednesday coming, the 26th, WD40 meet for worship in the Kingsborough Sanctuary – and tea will be served there too!!

Julie Campbell has completed her second placement and is marching onward and upward through her University course. Well done Julie!! She has one more placement and a year to do and then will be let loose in the world! Julie hopes to be back with us, at the very least at WD40, so look out for her.

It’s Pentecost – and change is all around. For Julie every day there is something new in son Ben, now three. Where has the time gone? For all of us time rolls on and the Holy Spirit doesn’t waste a moment.

Neither should we!

Every Blessing,


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