Sunday reflection 20 September 2020

Dear friends,

Welcome to another Sunday service. I’m delighted we are with each other once more, whether by the worship in Naseby, on the screen in the evening, or as you read the Reflections in your own comfy seat, with a wee cup of tea by your side. 

I’ve often wondered when you read them? Jill sends them out on a Friday – do you wait until 10.30am, sit down and have some quiet time waving, in your head, to those who sit round about you? I hope you do, for it makes us more together, remembering and longing at the same time. 

Last Sunday, for the first time in 25 services, we had a little ‘blip’ on the Zoom service, so our usual time together was missed. Everything should be back to normal this Sunday, so even if you are at the Kirk, or reading the Reflections, why don’t you switch on at 7pm? 

Had you been in Carol’s company, she would have been dropping hints that the Newsletter deadline is this Sunday, so if you are wishing to contribute get your skates on!! 

Last week Julie and I had some time to chat. You will be pleased to know that on Thursday Julie started her course work at the University – we wish her well in her studies. She also will be placed at Lenzie Old for her attachment in October but remember that Julie will, when time and studies permit, still be with us. As an added bonus Julie will be conducting worship next Sunday whilst my weary brain takes a Sunday off. Look after Julie. And look after yourselves. And look out for the God who looks after us all. 


Click to download weekly reflection for Sunday 20 September 2020 (PDF):-

Rev Mackay’s weekly reflection is also accompanied by a piece from our musical director, Razvan Luculescu. This week, Razvan is playing Winscott.

Razvan Luculescu Music · Winscott