Sunday reflection 15 November 2020

Dear friends 

Welcome to another Sunday service. 

Can I begin by saying a word of thanks to those who helped us mark Remembrance Sunday. Whilst it was different we had a display on the Communion Table, wreaths at the war memorials and the Colours in place. These visual things helped us focus on the sacrifice made in the search for peace. 

Dare I mention the word ‘Christmas’, the word and the festival that some politicians believe we are cancelling! This is the second Sunday before Advent, so we are only six weeks away. Thank you to all who have been in touch with Andrea regarding Crossreach calendars. The Lodging House Mission has a Christmas Appeal by sponsoring a Winter Weather Pack at £12 or simply make a donation to their Christmas Appeal for those who are isolated and without a home for the festive period. Their tagline of ‘help us share some warmth this winter’ couldn’t be more appropriate. 

In the same way that the St Mungo Festival in January has sought for a few years now to be more inclusive by focussing on the life of Mungo’s mother, St Enoch, something similar is taking place this year with respect to St An-drew’s Day. So that instead of the usual St Andrew’s Day event, GCT (Glasgow Churches Together) have decided to celebrate St Margaret of Scotland as well. Her Feast Day is on 16 November, and so – splitting the difference – it has been decided that this joint occasion will now take place online on the afternoon of Sunday 22 November. 

Despite coronavirus the annual ‘Blessing of the Crib’ in George Square will take place near the beginning of Advent, on Wednesday 2 December. Much reduced in terms of participants this year, if you do happen to find yourself in Glasgow City Centre at that time, and are able to maintain the requisite physical distance, then do please feel a part of what is happening. 

In our prayers, as part of Glasgow Presbytery, we are asked to remember the twinning arrangement with the Diocese of Hyderabad. They will still welcome donations for the Kunri Hospital. At present, the Presbytery has raised £1686. 

According to the Presbytery meeting, Christian Aid raised an amazing £3.5 million during Christian Aid week. The Presbytery reported that seasonal cards and advent calendars are available from Traidcraft ( and from many other Mission charities. Church members and their families have enough unwanted Christmas gifts. Why not surprise them with a charity gift? Give a goat, a tree, a beehive or…??…Check out Christian Aid, World Vision, Tear Fund, Blythswood, Barnabas and others. “Pick your congregation’s favoured charity and promote their gifts.” 

Amanda Heather is in the process of organising a Digital Trivia Night on Saturday 5 December via Zoom. Speak to Amanda but the trophy is only going in one way! 

Lastly, WD40 is on this Wednesday at 2pm and will be led by Julie. 

Every blessing this week, 


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