Sunday reflection 13 December 2020

Dear Friends, welcome to the third Sunday in Advent. 

For those who will be worshipping in Naseby, you will be led by our Session Clerk, Gordon MacCallum. As indicated last Sunday a positive case of Covid was recorded which has now isolated the family for 14 days. Gordon has kindly stepped up to the mark and will conduct the service today. My thanks to Gordon for this. The Zoom service therefore returns to 7pm led by me, so please tune in. I would like to record my thanks to those who have phoned and emailed asking about shopping and how they could help at number 27. We appreciate the bread, the medicines etc. that have been dropped off, as well as the messages made in words and prayer. 

Next Sunday is our Nativity service and the children and staff, as well as those in the ‘communications department‘’, have all worked hard, to not only show the children on the screen in a different way but also to stream the service. 

Please note, if you are in attendance, that cameras will be in place to allow the streaming to take place. 

As a family we hope to be soon allowed out once more, meanwhile I have arranged Stuart Murdoch to conduct worship for WD40 on the 16th in the Kingsborough Sanctuary. 

On Christmas Eve, in the knowledge that our streaming is working, our ser-vice will take place at 7pm in Naseby then to be streamed later on Christ-mas Eve. After that the next service will be on Sunday 27th at 10.30am in Naseby. 

As intimated last week by Zoom, many thanks to Amanda for providing a super Quiz Night of Trivia. Well done to the winners, ‘Ever Hopeful’ who may need to change their name now that they have tasted success. But maybe not… we live in hope, we are ever hopeful. 

Every blessing,

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