Sunday reflection 12 July 2020

Dear friends,

Welcome to another Sunday Reflection.

This Sunday the Manse family were supposed to be sunning themselves in Greece but, as is obvious, this did not happen. Restrictions are easing, quarantines are being lifted but our holiday was cancelled. Whether we wanted to sit on a beach with a face mask on and be unable to visit the sights because they were closed is another matter all together.

Holidays will come again – ‘stay-cation’ is the in-phrase but where we can
‘stay’ even in Scotland is limited also. As a child when school holidays came I hankered for somewhere the sun would shine rather than watching the tar melt on the pavement. I wished for sand in-between my toes rather than playing ‘kerby’ with my friends (the ones who hadn’t left on vacation). Changed days indeed.

This Sunday the Reflection is on the Parable of the Sower. It’s a Parable we know well – but try and read it with new eyes and think what it might be saying to you today.

The time for re-opening our buildings is closer but we need a full risk assessment and the appropriate documents to be in place as well as Kirk Session approval that we are ready. You might have been unable to attend the building but we have never been on holiday.

Such has been the excellent work of many in the congregation and the fact that whilst God rested on the seventh day, we know the Almighty never takes a holiday.

Take care, worship well, trust in God,

Click to download weekly reflection for Sunday 12 July 2020 (PDF):-

Rev Mackay’s weekly reflection is also accompanied by a piece from our musical director, Razvan Luculescu. This week, Razvan has chosen Come Sunday by Duke Ellington.