Newsletter June/July 2020

From the Editor

Welcome to our fourth Lockdown Newsletter. By the time
you read this, we will be halfway through our 14th week
of Lockdown – who would have imagined at the start of
2020 how the year would turn out? We are beginning to
see some slight easing of restrictions, but unfortunately
the opening of the Sanctuary for Sunday morning worship
will have to wait a while yet (see Gordon’s article
elsewhere in the Newsletter for more information). In the
meantime, we still have a good number of members attending
our Sunday Zoom services.

All being well, I would hope to have our next Newsletter
ready to issue on Friday, 24th July. With any luck and a
lot of prayer, this may be the last Newsletter before we
can once again meet on a Sunday morning in the Sanctuary,
although our Sunday services will no doubt be very
different to what we are used to due to social distancing
etc, at least for a while.

As usual, if anyone has anything they think may be of
interest to us, or something to bring a smile to our faces,
please send it to Jill by Sunday, 19th July. Until then, stay
safe and well.

Carol MacCallum

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