Sunday reflection 3 May 2020

Dear Friends 

Welcome to another Sunday Reflection. 

Pam and I have been watching the Box Set of the series called ‘Manifest‘. 

It’s a story based on an aircraft that disappears for five years and then returns, and those on the flight have not aged but the lives of those in the world have moved on. 

It certainly has resonance where we are today – the feeling that lives are on hold and yet the days disappear and nothing has changed. This is the fourth Sunday of Easter; the Easter Season has 50 days and ends on Pentecost. 

By the end of this month, May, the disciples leave their locked–in existence and spread the Good News to all the world. I wonder where we will all be at the end of this month? 

Remember that there are many ways to stay in touch and continue to participate in the life of our Church community. The partnership with Kothel still exists, the Elders are trying to contact you in a variety of ways, the Reflections, music and the Text Prayers are being sent out, the Zoom service has around 70 participants, work is being done in Hyndland Secondary School making materials for the NHS and there is much neighbourliness to help us all through. 

I hope you are all sending photos of how you are coping in these difficult times to the Church Office. Ian, our Church Officer, sent me a splendid picture of the trees in bloom around the Church. At the other end of the scale, John Luca was asked by his Primary School teacher to cut out cartoon eyes and stick them on things around the house, so we have been, in his break-time from school work, sticking eyes on bananas, potatoes, football boots and trees! 

Anything to keep us amused. 

Maybe, you should try it! Or look to see where the spiritual is in our ordi-nary lives and take a picture of that. 

Let me know of happy things that are happening in your lives. 

Keep yourself busy, remember you are not alone. We are in this together and we are graced by each other and by our God who manifests Himself in our lives. 


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Rev Mackay’s weekly reflection is also accompanied by a piece from our musical director, Razvan Luculescu. Razvan said:

I’ve tried to find a good musical response to the George’s meditation. I then remembered a spiritual which I used to play in Romania, accompanying my ex colleagues. So, I hope you’ll enjoy my rendition of Somebody’s knocking at your door. Thank you all for all the nice thoughts and encouragements. God bless, Razvan