Sunday reflection 26 April 2020

Dear Friends 

We have reached what will be the norm for a while, another Sunday in the Easter season. Last Sunday over 50 people managed to participate in the ‘Zoom‘ service. Thank you Amanda and all who were there. 

Through super work from Jill, the email list has grown even more, which means many more of you are joining together for worship. Razvan is still producing music and Sarah is contacting the children so that we all stay connected. 

This past week the funerals of Annette Wallace and Helen Dunbar took place in very difficult circumstances for any grieving family. Please remember them in your prayers. 

Ann Henderson and Anne Craig have contacted me to tell me that Hyndland Secondary is doing super work regarding making materials for the NHS. They will be able to tell you how you can link with the school in this venture. 

The Craigs also celebrated 40 years of marriage last week, so we send our con-gratulations to them. Well done! 

The daily prayers, sent out by text, will soon be available in a booklet form, similar to the Easter booklet, by email so that those who do not receive the texts can use it in their own prayers. 

Stay safe, safe in the arms of Jesus, as that famous hymn reminds us. 


Click to download weekly reflection for Sunday 26 April 2020 (PDF):-

Rev Mackay’s weekly reflection is also accompanied by a piece from our musical director, Razvan Luculescu. Razvan said:

Since George mentioned this famous song, I thought I would bring my homage to a very inspirational man in our country who managed to safe and change lives of so many affected people. He indeed, never walked alone and for him, one more step along the road meant perhaps one more life saved. With this in mind, I invite you to listen my rendition of You’ll never walk alone. God bless you all, Razvan