Sunday reflection 22 March 2020

Dear Friends,

In the absence of in-person Sunday church services, this will be the major way, at the moment, of keeping touch for regular weekly worship. I’ll try and follow the same lectionary readings so that we can worship as ‘normally’ as possible.

Sunday reflection 22 March 2020 – click here to download

The little Order is here to guide your thoughts and prayers and to keep us focussed on God who is with us through and beyond this crisis. I value everything you are doing for church, neighbourhood and family.

The reflection is written in style to be preached and not read, so apologies for that. Imagine yourselves, in the Kirk.

You are connected to each other and heaven with earth.

Yours in faith
George Mackay

If you want to listen to the reflection being read then you can do so below courtesy of our of our Elders, Stuart Murdoch.