Sunday reflection 19 April 2020

It is hard to believe that the last time we worshipped together was Sunday 15th March. But then, that is not true. The last time we worshipped in the sanctuary on Randolph Road was 15th March: however, we have been worshipping in remarkable ways since.

On that Sunday, the Gospel lesson was the Samaritan woman at the well and we thought, based on the current crisis, about self-isolation.
The message then, as now, is ‘we are trying to touch and trying not to touch.’

The innovative ways our congregation have reached out to touch have been truly inspiring and heart-warming: from the work locally with Kothel; the Elders’ efforts to keep in contact with their dis-tricts; the responses to the Sunday Reflections and our Easter journey ‘Gable End’; the phone calls; the text messages; the ever growing email list; the humour to lighten the day; the daily prayers – all super ways to help each other through this dilemma.

Last Sunday, Easter Day, for the first time, we had a ‘Zoom’ service through technology, and over the past month we have used social media to the best of our ability. To see faces through my phone and to pray together on a Sunday in this new format was an absolute delight and should give us a hint to the future and how we support each other.

What you have done, even in the simplest ways, by letter or card, I cannot thank-you enough. You have taken that message on 15th March to heart ‘trying to touch and trying not to touch.’

In this separation, we have been together.

Please use all the opportunities available to know that you are not alone (and never have been) with Christ, who stepped out into the garden from the tomb and told Mary to keep on touching and hold-ing, as she stretched her hands to Jesus.


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Rev Mackay’s weekly reflection is also accompanied by a piece from our musical director, Razvan Luculescu. This week, Razvan has chosen Judas Maccabeus.