Sunday reflection 17 May 2020

Dear Friends 

Welcome to another time of Sunday worship. 

We are very close to Ascension, the day that Jesus leaves his disciples, promising, of course, a Helper to guide them on. Then, by the end of this month, we will have reached Pentecost and the joy that this festival brings as the disciples head into the world. 

When days are difficult and we would like to be back into the world, or for some, not, as they struggle to socialise again, we need to remember that the Helper is here with us. We are not alone, and in our church community, bound together, we are not alone there either. 

The work continues. Our next Newsletter should be out next Friday 22nd, so if you have articles or pictures contact Carol or the Church Office. Jill has also sent out, by email, a booklet “And Pilate washed his hands” which contains prayers, poems and pictures that many of the congregation re-ceived by text. 

Please, as always, take care. Hold each other in your prayers. 


Click to download weekly reflection for Sunday 17 May 2020 (PDF):-

Rev Mackay’s weekly reflection is also accompanied by a piece from our musical director, Razvan Luculescu. This week, Razvan has chosen St Andrew Hymn – Jesus Call Us.