Sunday reflection 10 May 2020

Dear Friends 

Welcome to another Sunday Service. 

I once had a Session Clerk who always complained that the Church was a dumping ground for other people’s rubbish! There’s theology in his comment but we’ll leave that at the moment. 

His frustration was the number of Hoovers he used to find lying around the building complex. That story came back to mind when I came across a prayer by Marin Tirbassi. This is how it begins: – “God, I want to complain that the second-hand puzzle that I bought at the church fair has three pieces missing (like lots of other things I’ve received from the church over the years)!” 

Haven’t we all being there, with Fairs and Jumble Sales! 

The purpose behind the prayer was, in this current crisis, to emphasise what was ‘missing’. Think about it – services, Easter, people, our congrega-tional experience, our friends – but then we have a God who solves puzzles and puts life together again. 

I wonder if He does the edges first? 

In our prayers we remember Janet Kydd who died on the 3rd May and all the Kydd family. She will be missed by us but not by the God she followed and who has her as part of His glorious picture. 

Take care. 


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Rev Mackay’s weekly reflection is also accompanied by a piece from our musical director, Razvan Luculescu. This week, Razvan has chosen What A Friend We Have In Jesus.