Holy Week 2020

The Gable End

Welcome to our Holy Week journey 2020.
On a gable end, found in the High Street of Glasgow, is the mural on our front page.
I discovered this by chance on my way back from the Royal In-firmary, heading to the railway that would take me back to Hyndland.
Look closely at the picture.
What do you see? Someone homeless? Someone downtrodden? Someone ignored?
This mural was created by Glasgow artist Smug.
It depicts a modern-day St Mungo, the Patron Saint of Glasgow, referencing the ‘bird that never flew‘. Fittingly, the nearby Glas-gow Cathedral is the final resting place of Glasgow’s Saint, also known as Saint Kentigern.
This year, as a backdrop to our Holy Week services, we are thinking about our city ‘the dear green place ‘ which points us to the dear green place of colour and of life in that garden on East-er Day.
“Here is the bird that never flew
Here is the tree that never grew.
Here is the bell that never rang,
Here is the fish that never swam.”

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