Easter Sunday reflection 12 April 2020

Dear Friends 

Thank you for your continual support of one another. Jill tells me that our email list grows larger and larger. The more people we share with, contact, ask after, as well as send our Reflections to, the better. 

Similarly, the daily prayers take longer to send: not just because of my one-fingered typing, but because of more people asking to receive them. If you wish the prayer, contact my mobile. 

You might like to build a Window Gallery with flowers, some stones, some tissue paper, making use of bright colours to show Jesus’ victory. 

Carole McGregor suggests that on Easter Sunday we should sing out from our windows and front doors some Easter hymns! It doesn’t matter if you can-not sing: it is not a performance, it is worship. 

Starting on the 16th April, I will begin ‘Virtual Vestry’. When we had Cof-fee and Chat, I was often about the church if someone wanted to have a conversation in the vestry. So, next Thursday, between 10-12, if you want to have a chat to tell me how you are coping, contact the Manse from 10-12. 

I am proud of your efforts and the compassion you are showing and would like, once this is over, to remember how hard you have worked as a church community. Can I encourage you to take a photograph of how you are keep-ing your chin up in isolation and send your picture to the church office. I want to look back and thank God, as I do daily, for the physical and prayer work you carry out. 

I received a personal letter last week from the NHS telling me that due to health issues, I should stay in isolation. This means, for the moment, I am unable to carry out funerals. 

In our thoughts and prayers we remember the families of Helen Dunbar and Annette Wallace who have both died recently. We also want to remember the Ahmed and the MacTavish families in our prayers also. 

I am delighted to announce the birth of Charlie Robert Jamieson. We send our congratulations to James, Rebecca and all the Jamieson family. 

Easter is so different for us this year. The news of that great day has not changed – but the world has. Throughout this challenge for us all there is Good News – Jesus Christ is Risen. 

I wish you that deep-felt joy every day. 


Click to download weekly reflection for Easter Sunday, 12 April 2020 (PDF):-

Rev Mackay’s weekly reflection is also accompanied by a piece from our musical director, Razvan Luculescu. This week, Razvan has chosen The Old Rugged Cross.