COVID-19: Return to in-person worship

It is with great pleasure that we can confirm the reopening of our Naseby Sanctuary for weekly Sunday morning worship. 

At the current time, we are limited to 70 people in the Sanctuary at worship. This number includes the Minister, organist and duty team which means we will have approximately 60 places available at each service. Digital worship is also going to continue and we would encourage those who feel comfortable with using technology to make use of this facility. More details about booking and worship are detailed below.

Whilst the format of our worship will be altered for the foreseeable future, we believe the church services will be a positive and uplifting experience. Some of our procedures will be refined as we move forward and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any feedback. We look forward to seeing everyone again soon. 

Kind regards

George C Mackay

Minister,  Broomhill Hyndland Parish Church of Scotland

Gordon MacCallum

Session Clerk, Broomhill Hyndland Parish Church of Scotland


Attendance / booking

Due to the limited number of places (60) currently, a booking system will be in operation in order to attend worship. 

To book a place, please contact and speak with the church secretary only using the number 07851 591 503 on the Friday prior to worship between 10am and 3pm. Your contact details will be taken and a place confirmed if there is one available.

Please note that contact details will be retained for four weeks after the service in case there is any requirement to provide them to NHS Test & Protect. Providing these contact details is mandatory and no entrance to the church can be permitted without them being recorded.

If you have booked a place but can no longer attend then please contact the church secretary only by using the number 07851 591 503 in advance where possible. You may get an answering service and if so, please leave a message.

If you are feeling unwell prior to the service then you should not attend, even if you have booked a place.


Entering the building 

We would ask attendees to ensure they arrive in plenty of time in order to avoid any last minute rush before the service. The doors to the church will be closed shortly after the service begins and so this may obstruct latecomers from gaining access to the building.

Attendees will be given an entrance they should enter the church via – this should enable us to keep as much distance between everyone as possible.

Signage will be laid out at the entrance and throughout the building in order to help the congregation take their place prior to the service. Our duty team and ushers will also help direct attendees. Parts of the Sanctuary will not be in use and we need to ensure the front pews right the way to the back are all used in order to maximise social distancing.

Anyone wishing to make an offering or leave freewill offering envelopes should do so as they come into church – boxes will be laid out into which offerings can be deposited.

We would encourage attendees to bring their own hand sanitiser and use this before entering the church. Face coverings must also be used inside at all times. We will have spare masks and sanitiser available in the vestibule but please make every effort to bring those items with you.


Format of worship

As explained in previous updates, worship will be different for the time being. There will be no congregational singing but there will be musical interludes from our Musical Director.

Bibles, hymn books and pew cushions have all been removed from the Sanctuary and at the current time we would politely request such items to be left at home when you attend.   

Worship for those not attending in-person

Our Minister’s weekly reflections series will continue to be made available by email and on our website whilst attendance at the church is limited. Printed copies are also available via request from the church office.

Organisations and hall users

Work is already well underway to open up the rest of the Naseby building, Kingsborough Sanctuary and Hyndland Community Hall to the various users of those spaces. For further information, please email